The Burning Rose and the Curse of the Crystal Skulls

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The Wrath
Of the Sea

Many months ago, you stepped aboard The Burning Rose—a mighty pirate ship captained by the infamous Seadog ‘Death-Bringer’ Barboza.

After capturing the sought-after treasure of the 6 Crystal Skulls, your crew’s raucous celebrations have quickly turned to turmoil, as the rumoured curse of these mysterious Skulls has proven to be even more real than you could have ever imagined.

With ‘Lady Luck’ turned against you, from the ocean’s dark depths the fearsome Kraken has risen—smashingThe Burning Rose to splinters and leaving you shipwrecked on the shores of an uninhabited island…

Problem Solving


Your marooned crew’s only hope is to break the grip of this curse by finding the Crystal Skulls and placing them back in their chest.

With nightfall approaching and the Kraken circling your crew don’t have long before the remains of the wrecked are pulled into the depths and you face an unenviable choice between certain doom or a hopeless life stranded on the island.

Work quickly, find the 6 Crystal Skulls and break the curse before it’s too late.


2 players – £50
3 players – £66
4 players – £72
5 players – £80
6 players – £90

Coming Soon!


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