Cluedo: Murder of a Millionaire

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Solve the Crime
Escape in Time

Step into a web of deceit, lies and scandal as you attempt to unravel the truth surrounding the tragic murder of Anthony Benedetti, a media millionaire.

Known for his lavish dinners and wild parties, Anthony’s body was discovered by his cleaner, Mrs White, in his swimming pool early Sunday morning. Detectives on the scene know that he was killed somewhere else, believed to be in the mansion itself, and are working franticly to pull the evidence together.

There’s just one problem… this is the third in a series of local murders and concerns of corruption are rife. Six interconnected suspects, all with motive and opportunity; a team of the best crime scene investigators is all that can crack this case.

Problem Solving


Your team are tasked with cracking the case and bringing the murderer to justice before they claim their next victim.

In a web of lies, complex evidence and tall tales this is no small task. To begin with, you find yourselves standing in a room inside of the victim’s countryside mansion. A fireplace crackles in the background and the list of suspects are laid bare for all to see.

Work to uncover the evidence, identify the location of the crime, the murder weapon used and crucially the identity of the killer. Before they strike again…


2 players – £50
3 players – £66
4 players – £72
5 players – £80
6 players – £90

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