ShapeShifters is more than just an experiential space for unforgettable cocktails, tantalising escape room challenges and memorable events—we’re also committed to making a positive impact on our wider community and the planet.

On our journey to B Corp status, we strive to balance purpose and profit, and aim to be a force for good in everything we do. Our dedication to sustainability is at the heart of our operations—it’s built-in to the business from day #1—and we will work continuously towards creating a greener, more responsible and inclusive future for our venue and the bar industry at large.

Want to know specifically what we’re doing? Read more about our Sustainable Practices below.



We believe in supporting local suppliers and farmers who share our values. By sourcing fresh, seasonal, and organic ingredients, we reduce our carbon footprint and promote local economies. We work with some incredible B Corp brands who share our sustainability aims and we make a huge selection of our own cocktail ingredients in-house to reduce waste, food miles and our overall carbon footprint.


Minimising waste is a top priority for us. We actively participate in recycling and composting initiatives, and we continuously seek innovative ways to reduce single-use plastics and packaging throughout our supply chain. We work hard to eliminate the need to single use glass and flat-out refuse to use single-use plastics. Whether it’s turning our recycled plastic into neat coasters for the bar, composting every scrap of food waste or using spent coffee grounds to grow mushrooms to create cocktail ingredients, we’re working hard to close the loop at every opportunity


Our commitment to reducing unnecessary energy usage extends throughout the whole establishment. As part of our venue refurb we’ve invested in a wide array of energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting and other eco-friendly technologies to reduce energy consumption. This is not a one-and-done process, and we’ll continuously work on reducing our energy consumption.


Water is a precious resource, and we are dedicated to its responsible management. From low-flow faucets to water-saving practices in the bar, we take every step to conserve water.


We recognise the impact of the food industry on the environment and are proud to offer a range of plant-based drinks and food options, all of which pack a punch of flavour with a much lower footprint. These delicious choices also help us cater to a wide variety of dietary needs and preferences as standard—a win-win.


As a local business in Aberdeen, giving back to our community is an essential part of what we do. We actively engage in charitable events, support local nonprofits and contribute to causes that align with our people and planet goals.


Transparency is essential to build trust with all of you! We are open about our sustainability initiatives and we’re committed to publishing our carbon footprint data (including as much of our Scope 3 emissions as we can) each year. We’re a long way from perfection but we strive to keep improving every day.


Whether it’s a special occasion or a corporate function, event planning at ShapeShifters embraces eco-friendly practices. From compostable tableware to waste reduction strategies, we ensure our events align with our ongoing sustainability mission. Examples of this include fully-recycled paper notepads, pencils made from recycled newspaper, mulch made from the shavings of those pencils (for growing oyster mushrooms!) and our A-rated energy efficient meeting room equipment.


Our commitment to sustainability starts within the ShapeShifters team. We provide training and resources to educate our staff on sustainable practices and encourage their active involvement in any and all initiatives. This year we’re on a mission to remove invasive plant species, shore up the exposed faces of lowland raised peat-bogs and plant trees—working in partnership with some incredible local conservation organisations. All of this is paid time for our staff, time that we donate to these amazing local causes to improve the wild spaces we all desperately want to treasure and enjoy in the years to come.

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